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Robinwood Update as at Friday 2nd

Hello all.


At this time, Robinwood confirm that they are open and it is anticipated that they will also be so on Monday onwards.  The routes to Todmorton, where the centre is, are main roads and are clear at this time.  Robinwood will keep us updated if there are changes.


As for transport, Mr Wollf has spoke to the coach company and they will be in a better position to confirm transport closer to Monday.  Clearly, the forecasts are changeable and it is hard for them to commit now, but they hope to confirm tomorrow one way of the other.


We will keep you updated.  Please understand that the plans may change if either the transport company's or Robinwood's assessments of the situation change.  This will be beyond our control.


If the trip cannot go ahead, the plan will be to re schedule.


Mr Seargent