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Safeguarding Notice - CatNap (You Tube)

Dear parents and carers


Safeguarding Notice: CatNap cartoon (You Tube)

Content can be graphic, and include images of significant harm, abduction and foul language


Parents have made me aware of a current video/cartoon available online called ‘Cat Nap’ which may not be age-appropriate and include content that is traumatic to young children, includes references to harm and contains foul language.


Although this cartoon may appear innocent at first glance, it has resulted in some children being fearful, traumatised and/or displaying threatening behaviours.  We have now witnessed this in school and the link to CatNap viewing is central.


Parents and carers are therefore advised to be cautious of unmonitored viewing of this cartoon.  As always, parents are reminded that unmonitored access to tablets and online devices places children at significant risk.


Beware: the nature of cartoons has changed.  We no longer live in an era where cartoons are for children and content, whilst superficially innocent, is often graphic and inappropriate.  This is only one of what I suspect are many such cartoons on line.