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Safeguarding Warning: Sonic EXE

Safeguarding Warning:


Inappropriate game footage


It has come to my attention that a game called Sonic Exe is either being played or watched online by pupils of primary school age.


Sonic.exe is a horror game, it is based on a creepy story about a person who played a haunted version of Sonic The Hedgehog.   It is graphic in nature, includes scenes that are bloody and is designed to generate jump scares.  Some children will be disturbed by it.


My initial research suggests that this is a ‘fanbased/created’ game available online.


It is strongly advised that you should ensure that your child is not accessing this game of video footage of it (through for example You Tube.)




The NSPCC provide several pages of support for parents.  These pages are designed to ensure best practices are in place to protect children.