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Safeguarding Warning

'MyLol' Application - Safeguarding Concerns.


I have today received notice from DCC Safeguarding Children Board that the above mentioned Social Media Application has been identified as a significant safeguarding risk, following an incident linked to its misuse, placing a school girl (not in this locality) at risk of harm from sexual predators.


DCC Safeguarding State:

“We strongly advise that you talk to your child about this and our advice would be to delete the app and block the website.”


It is reported that the App has been used for inappropriate activities against young people.


We are continually reminding children of the risks associated with social media access, and this information is shared to ensure parents are aware of any specific dangers posed to children.


NB: Although not related to the information shared in an earlier announcement about use of mobile devices, this does underpin the need to be vigilant and proactive regarding use of Social Media and mobile phones.


Mr Seargent