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School uniform policy and support

School uniform policy and support

Thank you to all the parents who ensure their children attend school wearing the regulation uniform.


There are a small number of families who are not always complying with the school policy, most notably wearing of branded/coloured trainers and the wearing of earrings as opposed to studs.


With this in mind, I re confirm below the policy for school uniform*. 


A note on footwear:


- It has been agreed in the past with parents that the wearing of 'training shoes' is permitted BUT these must be completely black, including the sole and not overtly branded, for example 'Nike Air all black trainers'; coloured or overtly branded footwear is not permitted.



*School uniform policy

Children are to attend school in/with the following items, in a clean and good condition:

  • navy blue sweat shirt/jumper/cardigan
  • blue or white polo shirt
  • grey/black school trousers/skirt/shorts or pinafore dress
  • black, sturdy, flat soled ‘school specific’ shoes without ‘open toes’ and suitable for all weathers.  (Trainers, crocs or other similar forms of footwear are not appropriate).


Coats:  The school encourages children to spend as much time outdoors as possible, even in inclement weather conditions.  Therefore, coats that are suitable to the weather conditions are required.  There are no restrictions as to type of coat worn, however it is strongly advised that they are waterproof in nature.



For the safety of pupils and adults working with them, we do not allow children to wear jewellery to school (except for small, plain studs for pierced ears).


Ear studs will need to be removed for PE activities. Staff are not permitted to remove or fit studs in ears, this must be done independently by the child. If this is not possible, plasters or tape, provided from home, can be applied.

Watches may be worn, however parents are advised that expensive items should not be worn, as the nature of school activities may lead to them being damaged unintentionally.


A copy of the full school uniform policy is available on the school website.


The School Uniform Swap Shop

You will recall that the school has now set up a School Uniform Swap Shop in the reception area of the school.  This is done to support families and reduce the high carbon footprint produced by clothing production.  All items are washed and in good condition.