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Snow closure today and decisions for tomorrow

            Closure notice:


Today’s decision to close was based on a change in forecast for the afternoon. I appreciate that this decision was made late. This was not deliberate.


Closing the school impacts greatly on many parents and I always do all I can to keep open on this basis and the fact that as a Headteacher it is my duty to do all possible to remain open.


Earlier in the morning, the forecast for Derby was that the snow would stop falling by 10:30 / 11:AM and on this basis and the fact that at the time I had received no notice that staff were unable to get in, I decided that the school could open.


However, this forecast changed at 8:15 am suggesting snow all day. It was on this basis that the decision was changed and also the increasingly poor road conditions.


Deciding to close the school is not easy, and is based on all the available information at the time. Whilst it is preferable that the decision is made early, changing forecasts do mean that this is not always possible. I do understand that the decision to close was inconvenient.


A decision as to whether to close tomorrow (Friday) will be made today before 4pm (Thursday). This will not be an easy decision, but one I will make based on the understanding that parents and carers will need to plan and make arrangements well in advance. I have discussed this with my Chair of governors, and both of us are in agreement that a decision made today will be difficult to get right, but in the best interests of the safety of staff and children as well as supporting parents.


Please understand that the decision will be based on the information available at the time and in particular a risk assessment as to what the conditions for travel are likely to be even if it is not forecast snow. Making an early decision may mean that by tomorrow conditions have changed. I am, to be cliché, damned if I close and damned if I don’t. Be assured though that a decision either way will not be taken lightly.


Your continued support is appreciated.


Mr Seargent