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Stranger Danger - Ever vigilant.

Stranger Danger

On regular occasions, we ensure that we reinforce the message of ‘Stranger Danger’ to pupils and express the importance of not talking to, approaching or responding to people unknown.  We also ensure that pupils understand the importance of reporting such events.


Vitall to this strategy is ensuring that parents support this by enforcing the message, regardless of age. 


Whilst the vast majority of people are kind and helpful, we must protect the children as best as we can and the Stranger Danger approach empowers children to safeguard their own needs, as well as being supported by adults.


I recommend that this message be supported at home regularly.


I am acutely mindful that some of the older children have permission to walk home by themselves at the end of the day.  If this is the case, the class teacher must be informed.  If this occurs as a result of a temporary arrangement, please be sure to contact the office.  Communication is key to ensuring the arrangements are suitable and safe.


Parents and carers allowing their children to walk home do so at their discretion, and the school cannot be responsible for their actions, or the actions of others, once they leave school.


Please support us in keeping your children safe and ensuring that decisions around their travel arrangements are appropriate and that you regularly join us in sharing the Stranger Danger message.


Mr Seargent