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Summer Free School Meal Vouchers



If you are entitled for a Free School Meal and have already been in receipt of vouchers either electronically or printed during lockdown you will automatically be entitled to receive continued support over the summer break.


Electronic vouchers - Electronic vouchers will be delivered via the same means.

Printed vouchers - These will be provided before we break up and will be for the duration or the holiday.  A confirmation time and date will be provided.



Edenred and DfE have confirmed that the vouchers you will receive do not need to be spent in one visit; they work in a similar way to a 'gift card'.  If you have a voucher for £90 you can spend a proportion of this but you must retain the voucher to use it again at your next shopping session.


Please remember that the system is that arranged by the Department for Education and not the school.  School will not be in a position to advise you how to access the vouchers after school breaks up.


Note:  Pupils in Early Years and Infant classes are all entitled to a Universal Free School Meal.  This is not the same as Free School Meal entitlement awarded to families who have applied via Derby City Council.  Free School Meals entitles you to a voucher, not Universal Free School Meals.