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Thanks and reminders

Thank you:  


There was a significant improvement in punctuality towards the end of last week, particularly in the morning.  


This is important as late arrivals to school significantly increase the risk of cross contamination in the school building.  


As a reminder, were Covid 19 cases be recorded in the school, Public Health England would audit entrance and exit to the school and impose a wider school lockdown if it were found parents were not following the guidance.  We MUST keep the reception area sterile as it is a major thoroughfare.


I am now patrolling the local area and school gates (beyond the playground) to discuss this with parents who are putting others at risk by not arriving on time.  As I have repeatedly said, a system is only effective if people adhere to it - if it is not followed, the school will be subject to closures or greater restrictions.



Class lines:  Once your child is in their class line and with a class teacher, you must exit the school grounds.  This increases the social distancing capacity for drop off and collection.  Whilst this was adhered to at the start, some parents are slipping with this rule.


Messages to staff:  Please call the school office if you have messages for teachers.  Parents are not to approach staff with messages at the start of the day.  They cannot be ‘pulled to one side’ for private chats.  If you have a message that is important, the school office will be happy to receive it and it will be passed on.


Toilets:  School toilets cannot be used by parents and their children.  Pupils have an opportunity to use the toilets throughout the day.  We, like all private premiss, do not have public toilets and Covid 19 means we must be strict in this ruling.


Finally:  Our systems are working well and we have been fortunate to not, as yet, not had to close down classes or bubbles.  This is a mixture of fortune and effective guidance.  Let us make sure that we do not become complacent.