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Attendance Update and News


I wanted to share that there are currently 23% of our pupils who have not missed a single day at school since the start of term!


This means that these children have benefitted 100% from what the school offers and, as we know statistically, are more likely to achieve well in school and be happy.


Thank you to all the parents who are supporting their child by ensuring good punctuality and attendance.


Overall school attendance:

Currently, school combined attendance is at 94% and this is improving gradually.  This is still slightly below the national expectation set by the DfE but it is hoped that by the end of this term, we may hit the expectation of 95%.


Sadly however, 29% of pupils have missed 10% or more of lessons owing to absence (in other words less than 90% attendance).  This means that overall attendance is impacted greatly by a specific group of families whose children are not receiving what we offer regularly enough.  Again, statistically, we know that absence greater than 5% results in a significant fall in attainment and is often linked to unhappiness in school.


It is hoped that this will be greatly reduced by the end of this term following a bout of seasonal illnesses and commitment to school attendance.  We are working closely with the local authority Educational Welfare department in order to support families of children with poor attendance.