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The conduct of parents

Clarity of expectations of conduct of parents

You will be aware that I have high expectations regarding conduct of children and adults and that the school community is to be treated with respect and dignity. 


Under Section 547 of the Education Act 1996, the Headteacher has the right to withdraw permission for parents to be on school site if they are ‘unreasonable’ in their behaviour or conduct.


The school is also supported by the ‘Derby City Safe Community’ initiative, which is underpinned by Derbyshire Constabulary and Derby City Council, a programme to ensure that staff and visitors to the site are not abused.


I am aware that there have been incidents recently where the conduct of a minority group of parents has been brought into question.   As adults we have a moral duty to conduct ourselves in the manner that we would like our children to mirror, but sadly this has not been the case.  Those involved have had expectations made clear to them, however I feel it relevant and appropriate to remind all of my power to legally ban parents who do not meet the expectation.


Mr Seargent