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Update for Parents Tuesday 17th March 0800hrs

Update for Parents



Following a change in government guidance, if any member of your household have the symptoms of Coronavirus, as defined by the Department of Health England as:


  • Hight temperature above 37.5
  • Continuous cough


All members of the household are to adopt isolation.



This means that no child should be coming to school if any of the family are in isolation/showing symptoms, even where the child does not present symptoms


This is an alteration to government guidance given prior to 16th March 2020.


Important: Non attendance at school in these circumstances is not an ‘opt in opt out’ practice.  


If your child is absent or if any of your family displays these symptoms they will not be allowed into school until 14 days after their first absence.


This is non negotiable and parents who return their child before the 14 days are up will be called to collect the child.  This is for the safety of all.


If your child does present the symptoms as described during the school day, parents will be called to collect immediately.  The school will then not accept re admission until the 14 day period has ended.




Note:  This is a directive from the Department of Education, not the school.  Please understand that staff contacting you and or informing you of this information are doing so at my personal direction, and I am enforcing the requirements of the government departments of Health England and the Department for Education.