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Update on Accelerated Reader Success


Accelerated Reader - Success, as we drive home the value and importance of reading for information and for pleasure.


This week, 93% of the pupils in Key Stage 2 (Junior) completed the Accelerated Reader tests, following on from reading a school library book.


The outcome has been phenomenal in that the success rate in the tests has now reached 80% accuracy.  A wonderful achievement of 16% improvement in only half a term.


In addition, since the launch of the programme this term, at total of:


  • 1011 books
  • 5,438,660 words


have been read, with one pupil reading 390,618 words since the launch of Accelerated Reader.  Many more are well within the 200,000 word range.


Who will be our first Reading Millionaire?


Many thanks to all the parents and carers for supporting this programme.  


For more information about Accelerated Reader and how it works, visit: Key Information>Curriculum>Accelerated Reader.