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Update: School status / voucher system / moving forward

Dear all


I hope this message finds you well, or as well as can be during what is a very difficult time for many.


School status:

Following the guidance from DfE, the school remains open to those families of key workers and as defined previously.  We, like several other schools, remained open during the Easter break to these families and I know it was much appreciated.  The arrangement is very much one of a child care nature, however, the activities have been educational in nature where practicable.  I pass on my thanks to the staff for their ongoing work.


Staff continue to ensure the school website is updated with online learning activities.


As Headteacher, I know no more than you as to when schools will re open to all.  Whilst I do get daily briefs from government, these are always based around the practicalities of current situation and not future planning.  There is a lot of speculation in the media regarding schools re opening, but I would take all with a 'pinch of salt' - nobody really knows.  If I do hear anything, you will know.


School vouchers for meals

If 4 weeks ago I was asked what would be one of the greatest challenges for school admin during the Covid 19 outbreak, I would not have predicted Free School Meal Vouchers!  The system put in place by the government has been chaotic for the most and inconsistent at best.   The high numbers applying for free school meal vouchers placed on their system has meant that it has not coped with demand.  However, after much work, we are nearly there.


At the time of writing:

  • Those who applied for a voucher to be sent to their email address should now have received these by email or they will arrive imminently.
  • Those who requested that the school print out vouchers for collection will be able to do so this week.  It is difficult to stipulate a specific day as we will not know until the vouchers have all arrived.   We have requested a batch of vouchers for each family to cover a 3 week duration.  This will mean that there will be no need to re submit (and likely have delays) waiting for vouchers again and will reduce the need for families to repeatedly come to school to collect.

Please remember, the system is not ours.  In the meantime, we continue to keep the kitchen open to provide pack ups for children.  They, as they have been from the start, are available between 12 and 1pm.


Moving forward

If we do find that the lockdown is extended and vouchers needed again, I STRONGLY ADVISE that parents who have asked us to print them out, submit an email address to us.  This will mean the voucher gets to you much quicker.  Vouchers do not need printing out if you have a smart phone.  Hopefully, this will not be needed, however, I will look into facilitating this if needed.


Mr Seargent