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Very Important Safety Notice (COVID 19)

I would like to thank the majority of parents who have been very supportive of the school and applied themselves diligently to the guidance given to protect children.  However:



I cannot emphasis enough the importance of your child arriving on time for school.




Last week there were in excess of 40 occasions where children arrived late in the morning, resulting in more than 80 individuals entering the reception area and increasing the risk of cross contamination in zones that are identified as sterile (as well as disruption to learning as staff are taken from their duties WITH CHILDREN to manage late arrivals).


At the current rate, this will be exceeded this week.  THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.


The reception area is a corridor access for more than 75 children.  It is a key risk area and as a result we limit access to it.


Systems are only effective if people follow them.  At this time, I am sad to say that one of the highest risk factors to pupils at the school are as follows:


  • Late arrival and pick up, resulting in adults entering areas identified as sterile zones – later used/accessed by children
  • Parents not actively social distancing on the playground
  • Parents (who may  have socially distanced on the playground) then leaving the school premises and congregating elsewhere to chat.


Whilst I am sympathetic to a wide range of reasons late arrivals occur and the need to socialise, in the current circumstances every late arrival increases the risk of infection occurring.


I reiterate the stance that if you arrive late, the office staff may be required to arrange an appointment to allow you back into school.


Wearing of masks when visiting reception – now required


I have today introduced the requirement that any member of the public above 11 years of age, entering the school reception area will be required to wear a face mask.


This is a direct result of the inability of some parents to adhere to the rules put in place to keep your children safe and an attempt to mitigate risk as much as possible.  Facemasks are not required at school for:



-Children under the age of 11

-Adults dropping off or collecting from the designated areas outside of the school building



ADVANCED NOTICE – If concerns continue, I may be required to adapt the systems and increase the number of staggered starting times to reduce adult numbers on site.  I am aware that this will be very disruptive for many and I don’t want to do this.