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Weather warning and actions

Severe weather warning issued


On Friday a Red (severe) weather warning was issued for heat by the Met Office, which included the Derby City area.


The warning is issued for Monday and Tuesday of next week with temperatures expected to reach up to 40 degrees C.  This has increased significantly than that originally forecast.


As Headteacher, I have a duty of care to ensure that all steps that are reasonable and practical are taken to keep children safe; this includes responding appropriately to guidance and warnings issued by appropriate authorities.


Having reviewed the information available and consulted with the School Senior Leadership Team, I am placing the following precautions in place for Monday and Tuesday.




Morning break times outdoors will be reduced to ten minute periods.  These breaks occur before the forecasted peaks in temperature.


Lunch break will be indoors, although there may be options for short 10 minute breaks outside dependent on circumstance. 


Although school will remain open, parents and carers wishing to collect their children earlier will be able to do so as of 1:15pm.  Working in this way allows parents to make their own informed decisions whilst supporting those who are unable to or do not wish to collect their children earlier.  Peak temperatures are currently forecasted for around 2:30pm onwards.  Collection earlier than 1:15pm will not be authorised.


Note:  Children can be collected via the main reception entrance.  If you are asking another adult to collect, the school office must be informed in advance or a note provided with the collecting adult giving your permission.


Clothing:  Children will be free to attend school in any clothing they feel cool and comfortable in.  This includes sporting attire and other clothing that is not normally deemed school uniform.  As previously shared, hats, sunglasses and suncream are recommended.


Year 6 trip.

Sadly the Year 6 trip will now be cancelled owing to the fact that children will be expected to walk to and from the venue during forecasted peak heat times.  Whilst I am satisfied that some precautions could be put in place, they do not outweigh the risks and would not reflect the severe nature of the warnings given.  As the trip is cancelled by school and not the venue, a full refund will be offered to parents.


Thank you for your understanding.