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Website improvements Covid notices

In a drive to make information we share more accessible, I have this week been making alterations to the school website.  In particular, there are changes to how parents can now centrally access information about remote learning and Covid 19 guidance.


The navigation bar currently marked 'Community' (yellow pencil), will soon change to 'Covid Info'.


Although we await the web team to make the title change imminently, the information, which has until now been embedded elsewhere, has been uploaded ready to use in a more use friendly, single location.  It contains information about remote learning use, managing Covid 19, supporting families emotionally and financially as well as other materials which will be of use to all.


Please take time to visit the site and view the changes made.

We will continue to share immediate updates on the school noticeboard, such as announcements about bubble closures, isolations and general school information.