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We're ready for Monday!

Dear parents and carers.


We are so looking forward to re opening fully to all children as of Monday.  Whilst times remain challenging owing to the pandemic, we know that the stability and care offered by Ashgate Primary School will enable the return to normality to begin.


Clearly, the school has worked very hard to ensure that it is ready for a full return; indeed, parents were provided with detailed guidance at the end of the year and this remains available on the school website noticeboard below this link.  Copies were made available with school reports.


This message is designed to reiterate key points that will keep children and others on the school premises as safe as possible.  PLEASE READ THE GUIDANCE AND THE NOTES BELOW AGAIN BEFORE MONDAY.


The school has a thorough and guidance driven risk assessment and all that can be practically done to reduce risk of infection is being done.  As with all establishments, including the home, this is not a guarantee that there will be zero risk of infection.  You do however have the assurance that the guidance issued to parents is considered and informed, as is the risk assessment and direction issued to staff.


Frequently asked questions / points of clarity

Parents MUST adhere to the staggered time slots given.  These are neither optional or negotiable.


  • Arriving late or early places others at increased risk.  
  • Children arriving late to school may not be immediately given access and an alternative drop off time later that day may need arranging.  


Remember, pupils are allocated class and group bubbles.  Late arrival impacts on the effectiveness of this as it increases the risk of cross contamination as staff are called from their duties or there is increased movement across the school.   


No child is to be dropped off and left unattended before their class teacher is available to collect them.  If older children normally arrive on their own, they must arrive punctually and act responsibly on arrival.  If this is not the case, there will be an insistence that they are brought by an adult.


The school is not an island, you must do your bit.

Safeguarding practices in school are only effective if parents themselves follow the guidance issued regarding expectations in the home and wider community.  This is your responsibility.  Whilst it is possible that children become symptomatic as a result of contact in school, it is equally, if not more likely, that children will become infected as a result of guidance outside of the school’s control not being followed thorough.  In reality, schools are much safer than any other communal area.  Whilst we can cleanse, disinfect, arrange, re arrange and restrict access, this is of little value if parents and carers are inattentive elsewhere.  With this in mind, parents must:


  • Exit school grounds once their child is with the class teacher
  • Social distance at all times (2m as an expectations)
  • Not loiter or congregate on school grounds (or beyond) or breach social distancing expectations travelling to or from the school
  • Approach the class teacher for ‘quick chats’ or updates on the playground (see guidance issued on how this should be done).


Staff have been directed to intervene if any of the above is disregarded.  Should it be felt that a breach is placing others at risk and requests to act in accordance with the guidance are ignored, I (headteacher) have the right under education legislation to remove permissive access to the school on the grounds of safety.



If a carer or childminder is used to drop children off, this is acceptable. 

We ask that you follow the government guidance linked to social distancing where this is the case.  It is recognised in such circumstances that children may be in contact with children from other bubbles and groups.  Indeed, this will occur naturally with siblings who are brought to school by parents.  We ask that all reasonable steps are undertaken to reduce risk by applying the guidance given by Gov UK.


Children can bring bags and similar to school only if necessary.

However, they should only contain essential materials.  Stationary will be provided for all children, so no pencil cases are needed.


Children bringing lunches (including ALL children in Year 3 upwards) must have their lunchbox clearly labelled.  

Lunches should be nutritious in nature and represent a balanced diet.  Remember, food is fuel; you would not fill a petrol tank with substandard petrol with added ingredients and expect it to function well, children are no different.


Labelled water bottles are required – these should be in addition to any in lunchboxes. 

These will be sent home daily with your child and returned each day.  They will be able to fill these when in school.  It is important that this is not the same as any in a lunchbox as children will not have access to lunchboxes in lessons.


A change of footwear for PE is required

However, guidance advises that children should not change for PE at this time, therefore only footwear is needed.  Children should bring these to school but arrive in school shoes.


Parents do not need to bring home learning activities back to school

Currently, we are trying to reduce the exchange of materials between home and school.  It is not that we are unappreciative or do not value these activities bit all that can be done must be done to reduce the risk of transmission from homes to school and visa versa.  Likewise, at this time, paper homework activities will not be sent home, however support activities in other forms will commence very shortly.


Parents using public transport must follow the Gov guidance.  Social distancing and the use of facemasks on public transport is vital.


Children and staff at school are not to wear face coverings.  This is in line with Gov UK guidance.  Face coverings are only required in secondary school settings and under specific circumstance. Young children managing face coverings is in itself a risk.  You can however use face coverings outside of school as per the local guidance.  If a child arrives at school with a face covering, they will be asked to remove it.


Tuck shop will continue at morning break

However, this will be done in bubble and class groupings.  To reduce the risk associated with money exchange, all items are 20p and only the exact money will be accepted.