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Wet break options - rain, fresh air and the occasional soggy sock

Today, like many other days, the rain has fallen heavily with intervals of light or no rain at all.


The default position of the school when it comes to rain and break times is that, where reasonable, children will be allowed to play outdoors in the fresh air, even when it is raining.  There are of course limits to this; we would not let the children out in torrential rainfall or when there is the risk of lightning; but as a general expectation children will play outdoors whenever possible, even if for a short duration.  There are sheltered areas on all playgrounds for children who do not wish to get wet.


When it is deemed that it is suitable for children to be out in the rain, they will be discouraged from jumping in puddles and water dripping from roofs etc, but we know that children will on occasion be unable to resist this!


For this reason, it is important that children always bring a coat to school when there is even a slight chance of rain.  Children may return home with a soggy sock occasionally, or a tale of being splashed by someone jumping up and down, but I aim not to deprive children for the benefits of fresh air and play when it is reasonable to do so.  We also know from experience that children who have burned off excess energy, have exercised and been outdoors generally behave and work better than when cooped up indoors.


As always your support is appreciated regarding common sense approaches to school practices.