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Community School Uniform Swap Shop

School Uniform Community Swap Shop


Following on from the questionnaire sent out regarding the current cost of living crisis, we have now set up our ‘Uniform Swap-Shop’ in the school reception area.


The purpose of the system is to provide parents with an alternative to buying new uniform and/  or recycle clothing, thus reducing the environmental impact clothing sale and production.


How does it work?


  • Select an item that fits your child, take it to the office staff and make a donation of a minimum of £1 (this will be forwarded to a charity supporting families in Derby City)




  • Select an item that fits your child and ‘swap’ it with a clean and serviceable uniform item that you bring in.  Take the item you are donating to the office staff and they will arrange for it to be placed on the rack.




You must ensure any uniform you bring in is in good repair and washed in advance and remove any name labels / mark out names


What will be available?

Initially only school uniform and coats will be made available.  This may be extended to other items depending on the effectiveness of and administration demands of the system.


Currently we will only facilitate exchanges of:

  • School jumpers and cardigans
  • School Shirts / blouses /polo shirts
  • School trousers, pinafores, skirts and dresses


Stock and availability will be dependent on demand and donations made to the school.


Where is it and when can I access the Swap Shop?

Access to the Swap Shop is via the main entrance.  A new rail has been placed on the wall to the left of the reception area.


We ask that you are considerate and avoid visiting before the school day starts or between 8:45 and 9:15, or 3pm and 3:45pm.  We ask this as these are the busiest times for staff and they will not be able to proritise helping you.



A common sense approach

The success of this system is dependent on people not being unreasonable in their use of the Swap Shop by, for example taking items that are not needed or taking multiple items that deny others the benefit of the system.


It is vital that any items that you bring in are serviceable and clean BEFORE they are brought in.


The Swap Shop is dependent on your donations, so if you have items that you wish to donate, even if you do not need an alternative item, please bring them in.  Likewise, un named and uncollected lost property items will be used at the end of the half term.  These items will be washed and prepared in advance.