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Late arrivals - routines

Thank you to everyone for working with us as we implement our new morning routine in school. 


We have made these changes to ensure that children who arrive late are safe and supervised at all times and so that registers can be accurately completed.   On occasions, parents have failed to understand that bringing children in late puts them at risk of not being recorded at school after registers close, particually when lines have already entered school.


Now that we’ve ironed out the creases, we would like to clarify the system so that it is understood by all. 


  • The bell will be rung.  
  • All children should be on their own playground a few minutes prior to this time so that they can join their line when the bell is rung.  
  • Parents should leave the playground at this time rather than waiting to watch their child’s line go in. This supports a settled start to the morning for classes and their teachers. 

Between 8:45 and 8:50 

  • Children arriving at this time will be asked to say goodbye to their adults at the gate. 
  • Children will be directed to the door they normally enter school by and will give their name and class to the member of staff waiting there. 
  • Children will be escorted to class. 
  • The lists of names will be handed to the office and cross-referenced with the registers to ensure all children are accounted for. 


  • Both gates will be closed. 
  • Anyone arriving after this time will need to go round to the front entrance of school and sign their child in. 


Other reminders: 

  • Please note that unaccompanied children must not be on the playground until 8:35 as there is no member of staff out until that time. 
  • The staff carpark is not for the use of parents, regardless of the time of day. 


Many thanks for your on-going cooperation.