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Meal Voucher Information

The DfE have now set up a system to enable the issue of meal vouchers to those eligible through the Pupil Premium.  As per previous announcements, this is provided for those who have applied successfully for the Pupil Premium, not those entitled to Universal Free School Meals (Infant meals).


Please be assured, We are moving as fast as we can to get a system set up for FSM vouchers.  Registration to this system was only made available to us at 1015 this morning.

How will the voucher work?

The system is designed to allow online access for parents to an ‘e voucher’ via an email.  You can then register with a provider such as ASDA / Sainsbury’s who will redeem the voucher online or in store.


I don’t have email, will I get a voucher?

The simplest and quickest way for you to access a voucher is via an email address.  Any parent without access to an email will be required to create one or collect their vouchers from school.  We will contact you to arrange this if needs be.

When will this be up and running?

We are in the process of registering to the system now.  More details will follow over the next couple of days, as will requests for parents to forward an email address to us to add you to the system in order for you to register for an e voucher or collection.


Please do not contact the school to inform us you are entitled to the pupil premium, we are setting the system up and will forward information once we have the system running.


What do we do in the meantime?

Packed lunches remain available from school daily between 12 and 1pm.


Wishing you all well during this difficult time.