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Ofsted inspection feedback.

Dear parents and carers.


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all parents who made contributions to the Ofsted process over the last two days.  It was pleasing to hear from the Lead Inspector that the responses to the Parent View link were very positive.  Furthermore, many children were given the opportunity to present their views and experiences with the inspecting team (selected by the inspecting team I might add).  Their contributions were key to the process.


May I take this opportunity to thank my hard working and dedicated staff who all worked tirelessly to ensure that the evidence required to support the inspection was made available, whilst at the same time ensuring that the day-to-day educational running of the school was maintained.



Until the Ofsted findings are formally approved and quality assured, I am unable to publicly publish the outcomes.  However, what I can say at this time is that we are very pleased with the grades awarded in all areas.  Details will follow in due course.


Once again thank you to all who made a contribution.