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Pupil Job Centre Launch



As many of you are no doubt aware by now, as part of our drive to ensure that learning at the school has  real world and meaningful purpose, we focus our learning around our 'Ashgate DNA' threads.


Details of the DNA, what they are and how we build our curriculum around them, can be found under our 'Curriculum' page (the purple pencil tab') alongside our detailed curriculum sequence.


THE PUPIL JOB CENTRE - ('Your Future' - 'Your Self)

Taking ownership of ones future is an important message in the school and one that will support children in the wider world as they progress through life.


As such, we today launch our 'Pupil Job Centre' initiative.  Overt the coming weeks and months, rather than simply task or allocate key jobs in the school (the traditional approach), we will be encouraging children to apply for positions that are advertised centrally in the school.  Each job, commonly a monitoring position such as a librarian,  will be advertised with a salary (RESPECT Tickets to open in the RESPECT Shop).


As with 'real world' positions, there will be an application process with specific skills identified, a commitment to the role and a submission deadline.  Naturally, some children will need some assistance and guidance and the process will be very age specific.


We are confident that this strategy will give children an initial understanding of the workplace environment and the confidence and basic skills needed to put themselves forward, be rewarded for their efforts and value their contributions.