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Safeguading Support for Parents

Dear all.


As the most recent parent questionnaires evidence, parents recognise that as a school we take the business of ensuring children are safe at school very seriously.  We are pleased that 98% of parents agreed and 71% strongly agreed that their child is safe at school.  


However, we know that many of the risks related to harm are influenced by those beyond school and actions in the community.


Staff at Ashgate Primary School receive regular training and guidance on signs and triggers of abuse; sadly,  I am acutely aware that much of the skill base developed and information staff access to keep children safe is rarely known to parents, other than in the media reports following incidents that are headline grabbing.


To remedy this and to support parents, I have added to our school website 'Safeguarding Page' a list of fact sheets to support parents and make them aware of risks, indicators of abuse and steps to address these if they are spotted.


These will be of use to families and I ask that you take time to read these so that we can extend the understanding and knowledge beyond our school boundaries.


Supporting documents can be found under >Key Information > Safeguarding.