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Safeguarding and photography.

KEY MESSAGE:  Parents and carers are not permitted to share photographs of other children as this presents a safeguarding risk.


I appreciate that the vast majority of parents and carers of children attending Ashgate Primary School adhere to the clear expectations regarding the sharing of imagery taken at the school by employees, families or third parties.


It has been a long-standing understanding that parents are not to share images of other children and that doing so can present a safeguarding risk.  We do have some families that are vulnerable and require protection steps.


Sadly, it has been brought to my attention that not all families are respecting or honouring this well intended agreement.  Following direction, the image has now been removed from public view.  Whilst there was no malicious intent the matter has been addressed promptly.


I remind all parents of the agreement outlined below regarding photography at school. Should parents and carers not adhere to the agreement, I will have no other option to remove the permissive right for photography in school.  This would be a shame after 10 years of cooperation.


Photographs in school

Ashgate Primary School l follows the guidance on the 'Recording of Images' issued by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

We expect that parents and visitors to school site do not routinely take photographs without permission as doing so can cause offence and be a safeguarding risk. Failing to respect the expectation can result in the removal of permissions to access school. However, there are occasions where such permissions may be granted.

Common sense guidance by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) aims to dispel the myth that data protection prevents parents from taking photographs of their child and friends at school events and where permission has been granted (for example school performances, services or similar celebrations)

Photographs taken purely for personal use are exempt from the Data Protection Act.


  • where explicit permission to do so has been granted (and in turn)
  • of their children and friends during school events for 'family albums'
  • and can film events at school for personal use; examples of which include nativity

performances and sports days.

However we do ask parents to recognize that children are, and will always be, considered a 'vulnerable group', requiring special considerations; we therefore ask that those taking images:

• to ensure the 'focus' is on their child/children

• to ensure images that include other children are not distributed to a third party* without consulting the parent/carer of those children (this is not the responsibility of the school).

*Third parties in this circumstance includes social network web-pages, such as 'Facebook' and 'Twitter'. Please keep the safety of young children in mind at all times

Should you have any questions regarding personal photography in school, please feel free to talk to the school and or consult the guidance issued by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO)

NB: The school is required by Data Protection Act to consult parents prior to official photography that may be distributed to a third party and or used for official school use, such as the internet website and brochure/prospectus use. Please ensure that the details held at school are up to date.