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SAT Test outcomes and Reports

Dear parents and carers


Reports and Statutory Test outcomes 2024

Good News


The Department for Education released its Statutory Assessment (SAT) outcomes for schools in England this morning.


I am pleased to inform you that the school outcomes for SAT tests and other statutory assessments this year reflect the upward trajectory seen over the year and/or the post pandemic period. 


This combined with last year’s ‘Good Ofsted’ result indicates that Ashgate Primary School continues to go from strength to strength.


We are also pleased to share with you that the ‘Phonics’ outcomes for the school have exceeded the aspirational targets set by the English Hub (independent external body), and the mathematics ‘Tables Check’ outcomes completed earlier this term are likewise on an upward trajectory and exceed that seen locally and nationally.


Full outcomes will be issued by the DfE in the coming weeks and I will ensure that the link to the website is added and shared when this becomes available.


I want to pass on my thanks and gratitude to all the staff and parents who have worked so hard to provide the support needed in order for children to succeed in what is without doubt a high benchmark set by the DfE.  Needless to say, praise must go to the children who have worked tirelessly to meet their potential, or in many cases, ‘exceed expectation’.


There is still much to do, and we can always improve, but positive reflection and recognition of what this school offers to the community and how the community supports us should be recognised.


I would be neglectful not to highlight again the clear correlation between good attendance (95% or above)  and those who meet the expectations set by the DfE.  Parents are already aware of the passion I have for drawing attention to the fact that, year on year, those who fail to attend regularly at school are at a significant disadvantage.



Individual pupil reports will be sent home on Friday.  Next year we aim to provide these electronically.  I ask that in September parents ensure that they include their email address on the ‘updates form’ that will be issued to ensure this can be arranged.