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How respond to child confrontation or upset.


We would like to remind you that our school has effective systems in place for managing children's conduct. While we strive to maintain a safe and respectful environment, there may be instances where children do not meet these expectations. In such cases, it is crucial that children are not permitted to be aggressive or retaliate.

Encouraging your child to seek help from an adult rather than resorting to retaliation is essential. Phrases like "They did it first" or "If they do it to you, do it back" are not conducive to a positive learning environment and can lead to further complications.  


If your child tells you about an event that has upset them:

  • Listen to them
  • Show understanding but avoid being over-emotional in front of them
  • Do not 'fill in the blanks'
  • Encourage them to inform an adult
  • Reach out to the class teacher if needed


When speaking to your child, be reassuring and positive but be careful not to make assumptions about what has or has not happened.  You may not be privy to all the information.

Please be assured that our school has robust behavior management systems in place, as confirmed by Ofsted. We appreciate your support in reinforcing these principles with your child and promoting a culture of respect and responsibility within our school community.

Thank you for your cooperation.