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Vouchers now received for FSM

If you are entitled to Free School Meals, please read all the information carefully.


Finally, after many hours (days) of work by Mrs Warburton (School Business Manager) to manage what has been a flawed and haphazard DfE system for managing eVouchers, we have now received the vouchers for parents who requested collection from school.


We are in the process of printing them today and a text message will be sent when they are ready for collection.  Please do not call the office asking if they are ready yet as this will delay the process.  We will text you when ready.


For ease and simplicity, you will receive three weeks worth of vouchers.  This has been done in order to reduce the time taken to navigate the system if it has to be used again and thus avoid delays.



If you requested an electronic version (you gave an email address when called) these should have been sent to you from DfE by now.  If you have not received them, they are arriving to parents in batches it would seem  These are not sent via the school, but DfE direct under the company name 'EDENRED'.  If you have not received these, it will be worth checking your junk email box as your email system may not have recognised the name if your security levels are high.


Some parents have experienced opening these to find they are in queue for access and have had to wait.  If you experience this, it may be worth opening the mail before you visit the store and or taking a picture/downloading the voucher at a quieter time when the system will not be under strain.


Mr Seargent.