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We want your feedback

We want your feedback 


Recognising that families and school have been facing many challenges owing to the Covid 19 pandemic, and recognising that there are likely to be continued disruption in some form over the coming months, I would like your feedback on how we have done and what you feel are strengths and areas for development have been.  This will help us to adapt future actions if there are further lockdowns or if guidance on expected actions changes.


I therefore add links to three surveys.  


One is for all families to complete and then I ask you to complete one of the secondary surveys which will be specific to your situation (home learning or critical worker access)


Some families may fall into both secondary survey categories as they have had a mixture of on site learning as a critical worker/vulnerable child category, as well as woking remotely from home.  If you feel it appropriate, you can complete both secondary surveys.


If you have more than one child, please complete the survey based on overall experience for the children as a whole.


A link will be shared to the school survey page for you to complete the survey or you clan click the navigation bar 'About us' > 'Surveys and findings'..


Thank you for your support.