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Remote Learning

To login to the Remote Learning Platform (Available through Microsoft Office 365) login using your child account via: 

Ashgate Primary School Remote Learning 8 point commitment*


  1. Access to face to face guidance and feedback with the teacher daily (invites sent via Teams)
  2. 3 hours of work available on line via the Office 365 platform
  3. Weekly personal support contact via telephone (for any child unable to access face to face sessions)  with a teacher or teaching assistant **
  4. Video links to teaching strategies that can be revisited by parents and children alike at their leisure.
  5. Provision of work that does not require printing of worksheets and work that can be transferred to paper responses or uploaded.
  6. Signposting to alternative and additional resources to support and promote home learning.
  7. Maintaining online access to over 1000 books via the MyOn reading platform.
  8. A commitment to supporting pupils mental wellbeing,  by providing a balanced level of expectation, support and understanding of individual household needs.

Remote learning guidance



*Should a staff member themselves be absent as a result of Covid 19 there may be a momentary disruption to this offer whilst alternative arrangements can be made.  As with children, staff are not immune to isolations and diagnosis - however, we will adjust to accommodate as quickly as possible.


**As the school only has two telephone lines, staff may contact you via a private number which will show as, similar to, No caller ID – Withheld Number or similar.  (Do not assume it is a cold caller)


The second method for remote learning is via the school website Class Pages, where generic year group activities are readily available.  These can supplement work shared on Office 365 Teams or act as a stop gap for those who have login challenges. 


Remote learning does not just mean what we send to you

In addition to our provision, I am pleased to announce that the BBC have been working in collaboration with school leaders to set up daily lessons via the BBC programme schedule.  These are called ‘Lockdown Lessons’ and are available on the ‘BBC Red button’ and ‘on demand’ facility.  Lessons will be available from 9am.  Class teachers may signpost specific programming, but all will be of value.


Challenging times for families

We do understand that remote learning is not always (if ever) easy for some families who are balancing for example, working from home, multiple childcare or other needs such as caring for ill or frail relatives.  The key message is DO WHAT YOU CAN.  We do not expect parents to be able to replace full time education with a qualified teacher.  Every bit helps, but do not over pressurise yourself or your child.


It is also recognised that many families have very limited access to the technology needed to support children, especiall where there are demands for multiple siblings to access devices.  Gavin Williamson Secretary of State for Education , has assured us that help is on the way for these families in the form of devices which can be distributed by schools. We have ordered our allocation, but we await their arrival.  These will be distributed when they arrive…watch this space.


Work packs

If you are unable to access the online learning, we are offering work packs which can be collected from school.  These will be available each Friday along with a school reading book which can be changed weekly. YOU MUST inform the class teacher when they call you that you require a pack and reading book.


Forgotten your child's username?


They can be found on the top of the guidance issued to you before lockdown.  It will contain:


A user name in the format of a letter followed by the word student a number and then


For example


If you have lost this login, contact the school office and they will re issue you it, or, ask the class teacher during the weekly calls (offered to those who have not joined class online learning)



Forgotten your child's password?


Don't worry.  A the bottom of the login box, there is an option to 'reset password'.  Click this ONCE!


Office staff will be notified and they will set up a reset.  This may take unto 48 hours to complete as it requires MS Office to make the adjustment.  Note:  After 48hrs, re login using the password.




AdminAshgate1:  You will then be prompted to set your own password - keep this safe.



Special Educational Needs


We recognise that some pupils, for example some pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), may not be able to access remote education without support from adults at home. We acknowledge the difficulties this may place on families, and we will work with parents and carers to support those pupils in the following ways: 


  • Class Teachers and the SENDCO will work with families to deliver remote education for pupils with SEND and appropriate work set.
  • The Learning Mentor will offer support and guidance to any parent requiring this during an isolation period. 
  • In some circumstances, children will be individually supported remotely by their class teacher or learning support assistant.
  • All pupils with an EHCP have been offered a fulltime place at school.
  • Additional learning packs with individualised resources and activities will be provided where deemed necessary by the class teacher/SENDCO.
  • Additional support and advice can be found following under the SEND page of the school website.